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Scope :

The following Special Conditions of Sale define the conditions for the purchase of tourist services by the Traveler from MYMAGICTOUR at the buyer's, at the service provider (partner travel agent), by email or telephone, and on the website https// www.mymagictour.fr

They are brought to the attention of the person concluding the contract (the Customer) before any commitment on his part for himself and the other travelers registered in the contract and supplement the prior information referred to in article R.211-4 of the Tourism Code, in addition to the descriptive sheets of the Services and in certain cases, the Special Conditions of payment and cancellation in particular, specific to certain products and services. In the latter case, the specific Conditions indicated on the preliminary description of the product will prevail over the general text of these Special Conditions of Sale.

The prior information provided for in Article R. 211-4 of the Tourism Code may be modified after publication and consultation by travelers, in particular as regards the main characteristics of the travel services (in particular the conditions of transport and the course of the stay and accommodation), the price, the terms of payment, the minimum number of people possibly required for the trip, the conditions for cancellation by the Customer, in accordance with articles R. 211-5 and L. 211-9 . The Customer will be informed of this in a clear, understandable and apparent manner before the conclusion of the travel contract.

By validating his contract, the Customer expressly acknowledges having read these Conditions as well as the more specific descriptions of the services chosen. Failure to accept the Conditions by the Customer will result in the impossibility of continuing his reservation.

These Special Conditions of Sale are up to date as soon as they are published on the Site and cancel and replace any previous version.

Tourist packages:

The trips we offer are tourist packages, sold at an all-inclusive price (unless expressly described in the contract). It is therefore advisable to buy them as such, judging whether the prices offered meet your expectations. As a result, no dispute in terms of price or reference to subsequent promotional operations will be accepted on return from the trip. Some sections are provided by partners of the service provider MYMAGICTOUR. The Customer is then subject to their conditions of sale which are brought to his attention before the signing of the contract.

1. Acceptance of the special conditions and order

Our special conditions of sale apply to any travel order placed with MYMAGICTOUR, by a non-professional, hereinafter referred to as the Customer or the Traveller. By order is meant any reservation request submitted by the customer and confirmed by MYMAGICTOUR. An order is governed by the Conditions of Sale in force on the day of the reservation request. Depending on the type of services sold, specific conditions may apply.

The customer acknowledges having the capacity to contract under the Conditions of Sale presented below, that is to say to be of legal majority and not to be under guardianship or curatorship.

The customer acknowledges having read these Conditions of Sale in their entirety, the specific conditions specific to certain services as well as all the terms of the proposal before placing their order. Therefore, any reservation request entails the full adherence of the customer to the Terms of Sale of MYMAGICTOUR.

2. The characteristics of the trips:

This includes at least accommodation and transport, prices are calculated based on a number of nights, and not a number of full days. The total duration of the trip is:

  • – From the day of departure from the time of convocation at the airport of departure;
  • – On the day of the return trip until the time of arrival at the return airport.

Also, we ask you to consider that the first day and the last day are days devoted to transport and not days of stay even if your departure is planned very early in the morning or very late in the evening. In addition, if you have obligations when you return from your trip, avoid making an appointment the day after your return if possible.

3. Formation of the contract:

The brochure, the leaflet, the content of the Site https//www.mymagictour.fr and any other offer made to the consumer concerning the destination of his choice supplement the prior information referred to in article R.211-4 of the Tourism Code and communicated to the Customer in the form of an estimate or a program, prior to the conclusion of the sales contract.

Prior to the conclusion of the sales contract, the Buyer must draw the Seller's attention to any element determining his choice, to any particularity likely to affect the course of the trip or stay of his choice.

The contract is deemed to have been concluded upon the Customer's agreement and/or signature by MYMAGICTOUR and the Customer and the payment of the deposit by the Customer, within 5 (days) of the date of its conclusion. Otherwise, the contract will be canceled by the Customer.

4. Special cases:

Minor children, a particular state of health, a situation of disability, the fact of being under guardianship or curatorship, are all cases which can have a direct impact on the course of the trip or require special formalities. These situations must be notified by the buyer or his legal representative when drafting the registration form. By virtue of its obligation to advise, MYMAGICTOUR reserves the right to assess whether or not the traveler(s) concerned has registered. The program issued to the Customer for prior information mentions whether the trip is generally suitable for people with reduced mobility.

5. Prices:

All our prices are indicated per person in euros and include VAT (€.) They were established on the date of the reservation. In accordance with the VAT regime on the margin applicable to tourist packages, our contracts and invoices do not mention VAT.

Only the services mentioned in the trip descriptions are included in the price. Unless otherwise stipulated, the following services are not included in the price:

  • The personal expenses
  • Visa and vaccination fees
  • Travel insurance ;
  • Optional excursions as well as all services not included in the description of the trip ;
  • Excess baggage ;
  • Drinks during meals, including bottles of water when the service provider does not have drinking water ;
  • Any service prior to check-in on departure or after customs clearance on return.

6. Methods of booking on the Site, by telephone or by email.

The Customer chooses the Service of his choice and receives his preliminary description.

The Customer takes note of the information requested and provides it as accurately as possible and under his responsibility.

The Customer checks the summary of his order and the total price including tax communicated.

The Customer accepts the Special Conditions of Sale and definitively validates his order.

The Customer proceeds to the payment of his order under the conditions of article 3 below.

MYMAGICTOUR sends the Customer an email summarizing the order containing the essential characteristics of the Service purchased and constituting the travel contract. In the absence of this letter, the reservation is not taken into account. In accordance with article 1369-5 of the Civil Code, the order and the order confirmation are deemed to have been received when the parties to whom they are addressed can have access to them. In the event of incorrectly informed contact details on the part of the Customer, MYMAGICTOUR can not be held responsible for poor or non-receipt of the e-mail.

The deadline for definitively confirming an order is 72 hours, the status of the reservation therefore changes from "being confirmed" to "validated" .

MYMAGICTOUR sends the Customer a summary invoice.

7. Terms of payment:

Advance payment :

The seller receives from the Customer, at the time of booking, a deposit equal to 30% of the total price of the trip (unless otherwise stated by a partner with whom the customer is booking).

Pay :

Without reminder from MYMAGICTOUR, the balance of the trip must be made no later than 37 days before the departure date. In cases where a partner of MY MAGIC TOUR requests advance payment, the customer will be notified at the time of his quote. The client is free to accept or refuse.

The delivery of travel documents will only be made upon full payment of the invoice by the purchaser.

Order placed less than 40 days before departure:

In the event of registration less than 40 days before departure, payment of the full price is immediately due upon signature of the sales contract. The travel documents can then be handed over to the buyer at the airport on the day of departure.

Order placed less than 40 days before departure:

Payment will be accepted only by bank transfer, cash, PAYPAL website* or bank card**. The travel documents can then be delivered to the buyer at the airport on the day of departure or by hand.

  • *FEES MAY APPLY BY THIS METHOD OF PAYMENT, the customer must be aware of them before paying for his reservations, with the entity chooses PAYPAL ( Rates - PayPal fees for merchants | PayPal FR )
  • **My Magic Tour has chosen the STRIPE platform for its credit card payments, the customer will be able to find out the costs related to their transaction on Stripe: Rates | France

Means of Payments:

The following are not considered as releases from the debt: the delivery of bank card details until the agreement of the payment authorization center has been obtained, the deposit of a check until this is not debited (except bank check), a transfer request before confirmation of receipt of funds by our bank. Deposits and balances must be able to be cashed within 24 working hours of their due date.

What are the means of payment:

The Customer can pay: by bank transfer IBAN FR76 3000 3005 0800 0205 1920 726 BIC SOGEFRPP, French, Swiss or Belgian bank card (Eurocard/Mastercard, Carte Bleue except Visa Electron) on the PAYPAL website; in cash, if the payment is made at the customer's home and in compliance with the regulations in force.

By bank cards:

Only cards issued by banks established in France are accepted by the seller. For payments made by Amex, it will be charged up to 3% of the total amount of the file.

Guarantee :

When the details of a bank card have been provided as a guarantee for a means of payment by the Customer, they will allow payment of the amount due if said means of payment does not allow collection within the defined time limits. In all cases, if the collection could not be made at the end of the defined period, MYMAGICTOUR, considers that it is a cancellation by the Customer. MYMAGICTOUR, will in fact be entitled to terminate the contract under the cancellation conditions according to these Conditions of Sale.

By species:

We accept cash payment in our agency as a deposit, within the legal limit of a maximum of €1,000 per order.

8. Absence of a right of withdrawal:

Under Article L.221-28-12°° of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal provided for in distance selling does not apply to contracts relating to the sale of accommodation services, transport, catering and leisure which must be provided on a date or according to a determined periodicity.

When his telephone details are collected, the Customer is informed that he has the possibility of registering on a free list of opposition to cold calling, for example: http://www.bloctel.gouv.fr/

9. Price revision:

Our prices have been established according in particular to the following economic conditions:

a) Cost of transport, linked in particular to the cost of fuel and other energy.

b) Taxes and fees related to the services provided for in the travel contract, imposed by a third party, including tourist taxes, landing taxes, embarkation, disembarkation at ports and airports.

c) Exchange rate in relation to the contract

In accordance with Articles L. 211-12 and R.211-8 of the Tourism Code, MYMAGICTOUR reserves the right to modify the prices of its services, both upwards and downwards, according to the following methods:

In the event of an increase in the sale price, regardless of its importance, the information will be transmitted to the Customer in a clear and understandable manner with the supporting documents and the calculation, on a durable medium, no later than 20 days before the start of the trip or stay.

Under Article R. 211-9 of the Code, when the increase in the amount of the package is at least 8%, MYMAGICTOUR will inform the Customer in a clear, understandable and apparent manner on a durable medium of the increase, a reasonable time to express its acceptance or its refusal with resolution of the contract and refund free of charge within 14 days as well as the consequences of its lack of response (application of the resolution costs).

Reference currency: US Dollar converted at €1 = USD 0.98 (Value as of October 19, 2022.)

10. Assignment:

The assignor must imperatively inform the selling travel agent of the assignment of the contract by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt no later than seven (7) days before the departure date of the trip.

He must indicate the marital status (Name – First name – age) and the complete address of the transferee(s) and the participants of the trip, justifying that they meet exactly the same conditions as him to make the trip.

The transfer of a travel contract before departure will entail appropriate and variable costs depending on the case, which will be communicated immediately to the transferor.

If the transferred package includes non-modifiable or non-refundable transportation, additional transfer fees, corresponding to the fees charged by the airline, will be applied. It is specified that, in certain cases, the airlines charge fees higher than the price of the initial contract of carriage.

The transferor and the transferee are jointly and severally liable for the payment of any balance of the price as well as the additional costs occasioned by this transfer. Insurance is not refundable or transferable under any circumstances.

The assignor or the assignee are required to jointly pay the following minimum costs:



More than 40 days before departure: €60 per person

From 40 days to 20 days before departure: €80 per person

From 20 days to 8 days before departure: €100 per person

7 days from departure: €120 per person

In all cases, if the transfer costs are higher than the aforementioned amounts, MYMAGICTOUR will be due the exact amount borne by MYMAGICTOUR upon presentation of the corresponding supporting documents.

Specific transfer costs:

For all trips identified as "First Minute Operations" and/or special offers, any request for transfer 7 days or more from departure, made by the customer for the benefit of a third party, within the framework of these so-called special operations , a fee of 180 euros will be charged, regardless of the date on which this occurs. It may also be requested to collect fees which may amount to the redemption of the return ticket, whether for a so-called “special” flight or a so-called “regular” flight.

11. Modification of the sales contract:

Any modification made by the Buyer between registration for one of our trips and his departure implies the collection by MYMAGICTOUR of administrative costs in the amount of €100, in addition to the additional cost of the new services ordered.

Any modification made by the buyer during the trip involves the payment of new services. The voluntary interruption of the trip or stay due to the purchaser cannot give rise to any reimbursement from the seller.

12. Cancellation or modification by MYMAGICTOUR :

If, before departure, an external event imposing itself on MYMAGICTOUR, within the meaning of article L.211-13 of the Tourism Code, forces it to modify an essential element of the contract concluded with the Customer, MYMAGICTOUR will notify the Customer on as quickly as possible and will offer the Customer the choice between termination with reimbursement of the contract free of charge and within 14 days or acceptance of the modifications (modification of the trip or replacement trip).

If we were forced to cancel your trip, you would be informed immediately, in accordance with the legal provisions in force brought to your attention, and all the sums paid would be returned to you within a maximum period of 14 days in addition to the mirror penalties due in accordance to the provisions of article R.211-10.

If, after departure, an essential element of the contract cannot be executed within the meaning of article L.211-16 of the Tourism Code, MYMAGICTOUR will offer, at its own expense or with reimbursement of the difference in price, replacement services or will organize the Customer's early return.

13. Cancellation for insufficient number of participants:

MYMAGICTOUR may have to cancel a scheduled departure if the number of registered participants is less than the minimum required and specified opposite in the description of our travel offers. This decision will be communicated to you:

20 days before the start of the trip whose duration exceeds 6 days

7 days before the trip, the duration of which is 2 to 6 days

48 hours for trips not exceeding 2 days.

The customer will then be offered an alternative solution at the current price, or a full refund of the sums paid, free of charge and within 14 days.

Maximum number of participants:

The maximum number of participants can be specified in our travel offers. However, the maximum number may be exceeded in the event that the last person who registers wishes to travel with another person or persons traveling with him. The services will not be modified and the travel conditions will therefore be identical.

14. Cancellation by the buyer:

The requirements of our suppliers, air carriers, hotels in particular, as well as their payment deadlines, impose on us the collection of cancellation costs, which are all the more important as the departure date approaches.

When several travelers have registered on the same registration form and one of them cancels his trip, the cancellation fees are deducted from the sums collected by the Agency for this file. Whoever is the author of the payment.

Notification of a cancellation by the Customer:

Any cancellation must be notified by any means allowing to obtain an acknowledgment of receipt and must be sent as soon as possible to your insurance company as well as to MYMAGICTOUR at the following address: 880 CHEMIN DE RABIAC ESTAGNOL / RESIDENCE LE FLORIAN APT 303-304 / 06600 ANTIBES.

The cancellation will take effect from the receipt of the cancellation letter by the seller.

15. Trip cancellation when tickets are not issued:

In order to be able to offer you package tours at the best possible price, we have to buy transport tickets which are neither modifiable nor refundable.

Thirty days before the departure date at the latest, or upon validation of the package travel sales contract by the parties, you are informed that the tickets are immediately issued and are therefore no longer refundable.

Therefore, in the event of cancellation by the purchaser, the total amount of the tickets issued would be fully due by the purchaser and invoiced accordingly.

16. Cancellation of ground services and other services:

Cancellation costs relating to land services and other services will be invoiced in addition according to the scale below:

17. Schedule of cancellation charges – Package tours:

Cancellation period Fee applicable per person

  • More than 60 days before departure €80 for cancellation fees.
  • From 59 days to 45 days before departure 25% of the amount of benefits depending on the case.
  • From 44 days to 30 days before departure 50% of the amount of benefits depending on the case.
  • From 29 days to 21 days before departure 75% of the amount of the benefits depending on the case.
  • From 20 days to 7 days before departure 90% of the amount of the benefits depending on the case.
  • Less than 6 days before departure 100% of the amount of benefits depending on the case.

Consular fees, costs for issuing identity documents, application fees, and insurance contributions are never refundable.

Administrative fees for cancellation:

A sum of 100€ will be invoiced in addition to the buyer for the costs of managing the cancellation file regardless of the date of cancellation.

18 – Formalities: administrative and sanitary:

They will be communicated to you prior to the conclusion of the sale. They concern French nationals or nationals of another member state of the European Union or of a state party to the agreement on the European Economic Area.

We draw your attention to the fact that the information relating to the administrative and health formalities which will be communicated to you may change until the date of your departure. It is therefore advisable to regularly consult the website www.diplomatie.gouv.fr. We may be required to have you sign a certificate, under the information obligation at our expense concerning certain particularly sensitive destinations. This request does not in any way constitute a disclaimer.

MYMAGICTOUR draws the Customer's attention to the fact that any air travel, even in France or in the Schengen zone, requires an individual identity document with a valid photograph.

We advise you to regularly check your e-mails or your mobile phone in order to be notified in the event of modification or cancellation of your flight. Please report any change of e-mail address or telephone number. In the event of non-transmission of your modifications, MYMAGICTOUR can not be held responsible.

The purchaser must imperatively communicate at the time of the reservation the surname of marital status as it appears on the identity documents which will be used during the trip. The family book is never an identity document.

It is also imperative to inform us of the ages and particularities of minor children accompanied by their legal representatives (Name - First name - Age - Family situation) so that we can inform you accordingly of the formalities required to make your trip.

MYMAGICTOUR cannot under any circumstances accept the registration of unaccompanied minor children.

Sanitary risks :

MYMAGICTOUR will inform you of any mandatory health formalities to be carried out for the country of destination chosen.

We invite you to regularly consult the information disseminated by the competent authorities on health risks and recommendations in this area. In particular the site https://solidarites-sante.gouv.fr/sante-et-environnement/

Certain health precautions, which vary according to the countries visited, are strongly recommended, but not compulsory. MYMAGICTOUR cannot be held responsible for any health problems, during and after the end of the trip in the event of non-compliance with health advice. Consult your doctor or a tropical disease service.

19. Air transport:

Air transport is subject to operational and safety requirements which may cause delays beyond the control of the travel agency or service provider chosen by MYMAGICTOUR, which advises its Customer to provide sufficient connection times. for his possible connections, as well as to avoid any commitment the same day and the day after his outward and return journeys.

MYMAGICTOUR uses different carriers who retain their own responsibilities towards travelers. The carrier's liability is limited by the terms and conditions set out in the transport contract appearing on the Customer's ticket, and in particular by the provisions resulting from the Montreal Convention of May 28, 1999. In accordance with Article L. 211-17 of the Tourism Code, the liability of the agency or service provider chosen by MYMAGICTOUR is limited to the compensation provided for by the international conventions applicable to transport, in the event of damage and accidents that may occur to travelers, their animals and their checked baggage. , for the duration of the flight or during embarkation, disembarkation or during the period during which the carrier had custody of the checked baggage.

The schedules and types of transport mentioned are communicated by the carriers at the time of printing the brochure. They are therefore given for information only and are subject to change. The schedules, any stopovers and the means of transport planned will be communicated when the invitation is sent, but will remain subject to modification until the day of departure.

Direct flights may be non-stop or have one or more stopovers. It is then the same flight identified by the same flight number.

It may happen that the airlines working in alliance (code sharing) issuing the ticket, have the flight operated by another company that is part of this same alliance.

Air transport price:

Our prices are calculated on the basis of airfares booked according to a reference price in a specific booking class. It is possible that at the time of your reservation that the reference class is no longer available. We will then propose an offer to you according to the available places. In this case the price may be different which will imply a tariff supplement.

Black list of companies banned from flying in the EEC:

Pursuant to Article 9 of European Regulation 2111 of December 14, 2005, the list of airlines banned from operating in the EEC, updated on 06/25/2015, can be consulted on the website:


20. Travel diary:

The travel documents are in principle sent to the Customer electronically, in good time before the start of the trip. On request for sending by mail, in the event that their sending involves additional costs, these are communicated during the Order and remain the responsibility of the Customer. MYMAGICTOUR cannot be held liable in the event of a delivery failure due to a case of force majeure. The Customer will be informed of the different delivery options when confirming his order.

The travel documents (convocation, transport ticket, voucher) transmitted by MYMAGICTOUR must be printed and kept by the Buyer. The latter must always be able to present these supporting documents throughout their trip or stay. Both at the boarding sites (airport, station, port, etc.) and at the places of stay for his accommodation (hotel, residence, etc.) as well as during the other services and services reserved for him excursions , paid entertainment, visits, car rental, sports and leisure activities, etc. MYMAGICTOUR cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the Client's failure to present the travel documents to the service providers concerned.

Airport summons:

Unless otherwise stated in writing, passengers are called for reasons related to air transport safety 3 (three) hours before the take-off time of the aircraft shown on their ticket. The Check-in Deadline (HLE) is the deadline after which passengers can no longer be boarded. It varies according to the air carriers. If the time limit is not respected, the reserved seats may be allocated to other travellers, and no refund can be made.

Loss or theft of airline tickets:

If the e-mail containing the "e-ticket" is deleted, the buyer must make a request to the seller by telephone or e-mail so that a new ticket can be sent to him.

21. Pre and post shipments:

If the buyer organizes his own pre and/or post delivery, the seller strongly advises the buyer to book modifiable and refundable tickets to avoid any financial loss resulting from a modification or cancellation or delay. international flights.

22. Information before departure:

We advise the buyer to regularly check his e-mails or his mobile phone in order to be notified in the event of modification or cancellation of his package trip or his flight. The buyer must notify the seller of any change of e-mail address or telephone number.

No show at departure:

If the buyer does not show up for departure, check-in or the first service at the times and places mentioned in his travel documents or if the client finds himself unable to participate in the trip (failure to present agreed necessary documents, such as passport, visa, vaccination certificate, or other causes…) in the absence of fault on the part of MYMAGICTOUR, the trip not carried out in whole or in part will in no case be reimbursed, for any reason whatsoever .

MYMAGICTOUR cannot be held responsible for the lack of registration of the buyer at the place of departure of the air travel package caused by a delay in air, rail or land pre-routing not organized by MYMAGICTOUR even if this delay results from a case of force majeure, a fortuitous event or the act of a third party.

So in case of no show at departure, do not hesitate to contact our services quickly if you want us to try to keep the return flight. However, this decision remains at the discretion of the air carrier.

Service on board :

A growing number of airlines charge for meals and drinks on board. These services are never included in the price of the contracted trip.


Return flight times must be confirmed locally, with our local representative or the company, no later than 72 hours before the scheduled departure date.

23. Refund of airport taxes:

In the event of total or partial cancellation of a ticket by the purchaser when the ticket is no longer valid, the mandatory airport taxes are refundable, once the reserved air ticket has been issued by the seller. We remind you that plane tickets are issued no later than 30 days before the scheduled departure date, or upon reservation.

It is up to the buyer to make an express request to the seller. In this case, administration fees amounting to 20% of the price of airport taxes will be levied by the seller, with the exception of a request made online.

24. Liability during air transport:

The consequences of accidents or incidents that may occur during the performance of air transport are governed by the provisions of the Warsaw or Montreal Conventions or by the local regulations governing national transport in the country concerned.

25 – Baggage:

Checked Baggage: Each airline has its own baggage allowance policy. Most often the maximum weight allowed is 20 kilos per passenger.

They must be labeled with your full contact details.

The authorized allowance appears on the plane ticket issued to you. Any excess weight is likely to be taxed upon departure. Any excess baggage is the sole responsibility of the passenger. During transport, the air carrier is solely responsible for the checked baggage that you entrust to it.

In the event of finding of delay, loss or damage to all or part of your baggage, you must immediately make a written declaration of delay, loss or damage and send it to the carrier. Whether you have taken out the insurance contract through us or not, it is up to you to make the declaration to the insurer yourself.

Cabin Baggage: Each airline has its own policy regarding the acceptance of unchecked baggage in the hold. In general, only one piece of baggage is allowed in the cabin. It must weigh less than 5 kg and the total of its three dimensions (L – W – H) must not exceed 115 cm.

We invite you to consult the website of the Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile (DGAC) to find out about the measures restricting liquids and objects prohibited from transport in the cabin contained in your hand luggage.


During transport, hand luggage remains under the traveller's own responsibility at all times.

MYMAGICTOUR cannot be held responsible for the confiscation or destruction of objects deemed dangerous by the airport security services or for the non-boarding of your luggage in this respect.

Valuables and luggage: We advise you to avoid taking valuables with you such as jewellery, valuable watches, laptops, etc. and respect the company's conditions of carriage. Otherwise, we also advise you to take out specific insurance covering the value of your valuables (special declaration of interest). We cannot be held responsible for losses or values ​​not deposited in the safes made available to travelers in the hotels. In the event of theft in hotels, the seller's liability will be limited in accordance with the rules of the Civil Code.

26. Miscellaneous information:

Pregnant women: Airlines may deny boarding to a pregnant woman. MYMAGICTOUR can not be held responsible for this decision.

The Customer must inform in writing of the presence of a pregnant woman at least one week before departure so that MYMAGICTOUR can ensure that she is able to board. A medical certificate of good health and without contraindication to travel may also be required by certain airlines. It must be drawn up by a doctor no more than 15 days before the date of the trip, regardless of the date of the start of the pregnancy. This certificate must specify in which month the pregnancy is located at the time of the trip and mention the absence of any pathological condition.

Children: Children under 2 years old do not have an assigned seat. Unaccompanied children under 15 are in principle refused boarding.

27. Modification of hotels, cruise ships, circuits, auto tours:

MYMAGICTOUR may be forced to change the hotels or the cruise ships and the order of the circuits or the self-tour stages planned without this measure constituting a modification of an essential element of the trip. The Client will be notified in advance and the service providers will provide him with a service in a similar or superior category to that initially offered. In some countries, the organization of circuits and self-guided tours may be modified from time to time, but the planned visits and stops will be respected. Holidays, both civil and religious, strikes and demonstrations in the countries visited are likely to lead to changes in the course of the excursions. MYMAGICTOUR can not be held responsible for this.

28. Types of rooms

Classification of the hotel establishment:

The number of stars attributed to the hotel establishment or its category appearing in the description corresponds to a classification established with reference to the local standards of the host country, and which may therefore differ from French and international standards. We strive to inform you as precisely as possible about the conditions of your accommodation. The assessments we make on our descriptions are mainly based on our knowledge of the establishments.

Taking possession and release of the rooms:

It is customary to take possession of the room from 2-3 p.m. on the day of arrival and to vacate it before 11-12 a.m. on the day of departure. Under no circumstances will MYMAGICTOUR be able to derogate from this rule. Any room taken before 2 p.m. or returned after 12 p.m. may be considered as an additional night likely to be invoiced accordingly by the hotelier.

Individual rooms:

They have a single bed. They are subject to a supplement, are available in limited quantities and are sometimes less spacious, less comfortable, or even less well located than the other rooms.

Double rooms: They usually have two single beds, more rarely a double bed.

Double rooms to share:

At the time of registration, the single room supplement will be charged to any buyer who wishes to register alone but wishes to be able to share a double room if possible with another person making a similar request. If this wish can be fulfilled, the extra charge will be refunded to the buyer as soon as possible.

Triple and quadruple rooms:

This is usually one or two extra beds (often folding) in a double room. Space may be reduced.

29. Meals

Meals are specified on the prior offer. When meals are included in the service, their number depends on the number of nights.

– The “All inclusive” formula includes meals, non-alcoholic drinks and activities mentioned in the description of each service. In principle, this formula also includes only locally produced alcoholic beverages.

– Half-board: Includes accommodation, breakfasts and dinners or lunches as the case may be, without drinks. It begins at breakfast following the first night and ends at breakfast following the last night.

– Full board: Includes accommodation, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, without drinks. It begins with dinner the first night and ends with the breakfast following the last night.

Whether in the context of full board or half board, drinks are not included, except in the case of an exception duly mentioned in the description.

Food for babies and young children:

MYMAGICTOUR invites parents of young children to bring food adapted to their diet. A financial contribution may be requested by the hotelier, for example to heat dishes or bottles or provide high chairs. It will be paid by the customer on site before departure.

30. Activities, hobbies:

Some activities offered by hotels or holiday establishments may present risks, especially for young children. Parents are asked to watch their children carefully.

Optional excursions not included in our package tours:

Some excursions that may be offered to you locally can be potentially dangerous for neophytes: parasailing, self-drive 4X4 excursions, camel rides, etc. We ask that you choose your excursions wisely. Depending on your abilities, skills and of course your physical condition.

MYMAGICTOUR can not be held liable for any activity purchased locally by the Customer and not included in the contract.

Warning :

It is forbidden to buy illegal products: counterfeit objects, narcotics, animal skins protected by the Washington Convention. In addition, it is also forbidden to pick up or buy objects from archaeological sites, historical sites or belonging to the heritage of the country visited. Failure to comply with these prohibitions may lead to criminal penalties or imprisonment, whether in France or abroad.

Please consult the website: http://www.douane.gouv.fr .

Please note: depending on the country, service providers do not always have potable running water. The cost of buying bottles of drinking water is then your responsibility.

31. Pictures and illustrations

MYMAGICTOUR strives to illustrate its travel offers with photos or illustrations giving a realistic overview of the services offered by its partners. It is however specified that the photos and illustrations appearing in the descriptions of the trips are only intended to indicate the category or the degree of standing of the services concerned.

32. Liability and Claims:

MYMAGICTOUR will provide the necessary assistance to the traveler in difficulty, directly or via the travel organizer and his local representative, but will decline all responsibility and cannot financially replace the Customer if the non-compliance is attributable to him and in particular in the following cases:

– Costs generated for the loss of transport tickets by the Customer (costs and penalties for reissuing tickets and costs incurred in particular in the event of immobilization in the country)

– Debt contracted by the Customer with a third party (extra in hotels, etc.)

– Loss of identity documents or any other document essential for leaving the country visited and returning to France.

MYMAGICTOUR is automatically responsible for the proper performance of the obligations resulting from the travel contract within the meaning of Article L. 211-16-I of the Tourism Code. The Customer is informed that the responsibility of MYMAGICTOUR can in no way be engaged when the damage of an unforeseeable or unavoidable nature is attributable either to the traveler, or to a third party unrelated to the supply of travel services, or to exceptional circumstances and unavoidable (war, attack, riot, revolution, nuclear disaster, climatic or natural events such as cyclone, earthquake, tsunami, tornado, cloud, sandstorm, etc.).

In the event of application of its full liability due to the fact of its service providers within the meaning of the aforementioned article, the limits of compensation provided for in article L. 211-17-IV of the Tourism Code, in particular when international conventions circumscribe the compensation due by these service providers will apply. In other cases, the contract may limit any damages to three times the total price of the trip (except for bodily injury and intentional or negligent fault).

It may happen for reasons relating to the period, attendance or decisions of the hoteliers on site, that the equipment is insufficient in the places of stay or that certain activities are suspended.

MYMAGICTOUR will not be liable in any way in the event of an incident occurring during services purchased outside the contract and directly on site by the Customer from an external service provider or resulting from a personal initiative of the Customer.

MYMAGICTOUR can only be held responsible for thefts that may be committed in hotels or ships or during the trip within the limits set by article 1953 of the Civil Code.

Precious objects and money must be deposited in the safe of the hotels if they have them or kept by the buyer himself under his own responsibility. MYMAGICTOUR can not be held responsible for objects or clothing lost or forgotten during a trip.

Pursuant to Article L. 211-17-1 of the Tourism Code, claims under the organizer's or retailer's liability are time-barred after two years.

The client is invited to have the organizer's or carrier's representative identified on site as soon as possible ascertain the reasons for the malfunctions observed. Keep all original evidence (certificates, invoices, supporting photographs, etc.). contact@mymagictour.fr

Complaints of a commercial nature or relating to the quality of the services must be sent to MYMAGICTOUR by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt no later than 30 days after the date of the end of the stay. These will be taken into consideration by MYMAGICTOUR as soon as the buyer provides proof of having informed the local representative and that no solution has been found on site.

Only objective complaints relating to the contractual obligations of MYMAGICTOUR will be taken into account.

Marketing questionnaires of the “tell us your impressions” type cannot under any circumstances be used as a support for the expression of complaints and will not be treated as such.

The response time may vary significantly depending on the duration of our investigation with the various service providers concerned.

The seller can in no way be held responsible for objects forgotten by travelers and can not be responsible for their search or their return.

33. Use of mediation:

If the Customer considers that he has not received a satisfactory response within 60 days, he has the option of using the mediation procedure set up according to the methods accessible from the Tourism and Travel Mediator: www.mtv.travel. : MTV – BP 80303 – 75 823 Paris Cedex 17

The request made by the customer to the Mediator of Tourism and Travel is free as far as he is concerned.

In the event of failure of the mediation, the parties retain the possibility of seizing the competent French court.

Proof: It is expressly agreed that the data kept by MYMAGICTOUR and /or its partners have probative value with regard to orders placed. The data on durable computer or digital media kept by MYMAGICTOUR constitutes admissible evidence in all litigation or other proceedings. In the same way as any written document which would be established, received or kept by MYMAGICTOUR.

34 – Validity of clauses:

The fact that MYMAGICTOUR does not avail itself at a given moment of one of the provisions of these conditions of sale cannot be interpreted as a waiver to avail itself later of any of the said provisions.

In the event that one of these provisions of the conditions of sale is declared to be null or without effect, this provision will be deemed to be unwritten, without this affecting the validity of the other provisions, unless the provision declared null or without effect was essential and decisive.

35. Travel insurance – Right of withdrawal

The concept of civil liability (accident, fire, theft, other) varies according to the legislation of the countries concerned: travelers are advised to individually guarantee themselves by additional insurance to those possibly purchased through us.

Unless expressly stated, no insurance is included in the prices offered. MYMAGICTOUR offers for you and your family, with various partners, insurance formulas allowing you to be covered before your departure in the event of cancellation and during your stay. GOLD or PREMIUM insurance covers as much as possible your cancellation costs due to an external event, unforeseeable and beyond your control, such as illness. Insurance is to be taken out at the time of your order with the possibility of choosing between several types of insurance at the time of booking, and depending on the service provider selected.

You will be informed of the possibility of taking out optional cancellation or assistance/repatriation insurance before the conclusion of the sale.

The buyer of a tourist trip has a withdrawal period of 14 days to cancel his purchase as soon as he proves that he is covered by another contract than the one that was sold to him. Under these conditions, MYMAGICTOUR will reimburse the premium free of charge and penalties.

However, insurance taken out, in particular within 30 days of departure, will never be refundable.

The conditions of the insurance taken out will be given to you when you register. These include limitations of cover, exclusions, deductibles and obligations in the event of a claim. We invite you to read these documents carefully.

Repatriation insurance: assistance and luggage

Cancellation and baggage: cancellation “all justified causes” and baggage

Multi-risk: Repatriation – Cancellation, interruption of stay, loss of luggage, transport delay, replacement travel, civil liability, individual accident

36. Protection of personal data:

According to the terms of the GDPR, the traveler is informed that his order is subject to computerized nominative processing. This information allows the Agency and its partners to process and execute the order. The exercise of the right of access, rectification, deletion and portability guaranteed by the GDPR must be exercised in writing to MYMAGICTOUR at the following email address: contact@mymagictour.fr The applicant will be required to prove his identity .

To find out more about the data protection policy practiced by MYMAGICTOUR: https://www.mymagictour.fr/politique-de-confidentialité/

37. Applicable law:

The seller is a French company. The sales contract concluded is governed by French law. © 2022

The following specific conditions may also be added to the above Special Conditions of Sale:


1. Obligations of passengers:

The buyer of a cruise with Disney Cruise Line, or Adventure By Disney is required to have a behavior throughout the cruise that does not compromise the safety, calm and enjoyment of other cruise passengers.

He must agree to respect the rules of caution, as well as all the provisions of the cruise company, MYMAGICTOUR or local receptives responsible for organizing excursions during stopovers, as well as regulations and other administrative or legislative provisions. regarding the purchased cruise.

The buyer will be held responsible for all damages that MYMAGICTOUR may suffer as a result of non-compliance with the aforementioned obligations.

In particular, damage caused to the ship, its furniture or equipment, damage caused to other customers or third parties, to vehicles used during excursions as well as all fines, fines and costs to which MYMAGICTOUR could be submitted due to the buyer's fault by the port, customs, health or other authorities of the countries visited during the cruise.

2. Powers of the Captain (hereinafter "the Captain")

The Commander has the ability to carry out any order or directive given by the governments and authorities of all States. All the actions of the carrier or the Commander, for the execution of these orders or directives cannot be considered as breaches of the contract. The disembarkation of passengers in accordance with these orders or directives releases the carrier from any responsibility for the continuation of the journey or the repatriation of passengers.

The master of the boat also has the right to interrupt a cruise, to modify the itinerary for reasons of force majeure or for the safety requirements of the passengers or the boat. Exercising this option does not imply “modification of the trip”. Some destinations such as the Antarctic Peninsula, the Arctic, the fjords of Norway or even Alaska are subject to specific weather and climate conditions. The Caribbean is also a hurricane risk zone generally from June to September. Some stopovers can then be reversed, shortened or eliminated.

In the event of cancellation, excursions purchased on board are refunded. No other compensation is due. Strong winds can prevent landing in rowboats. The shipowner's obligations concern the cruise as a whole. A precise stop cannot constitute the aim of a program which aims to discover a region in general and the pleasures of navigation.

3. Compliance with stopover schedules

In stopover, the times of the deadline for return on board and departure from the boat are mentioned in the logbook as well as at the exit of the cruise ship. Passengers are responsible for respecting these times. In the event of non-compliance with these times and non-boarding, no refund or compensation is due to the Customer.

4. Excursions carried out during cruises:

The timetables and itineraries of the excursions may be subject to modification both for external circumstances (such as, for example, adverse atmospheric conditions.)

Depending on the particular nature of some excursions, some may not be accessible to people with disabilities. This prohibition will be specified to you on board by the excursions office.

5. Modification of routes and timetables

All stops and times shown are subject to change by the shipping companies at any time, prior to departure or during the cruise. In the event of a strike, riot, bad weather conditions or for any other reason, the shipping company may at any time and without prior notification, advance, delay a departure or a stopover or possibly change boat or stopover and cannot be held liable to passengers for cancellations, advancements, delays, changes or substitutions.

MYMAGICTOUR cannot be held responsible for any failure to respect the arrival and departure times, whatever the stopover.

6. Liability of Customers

Each Customer (or if he is a minor, his parents or guardians) is responsible and undertakes to compensate the company for any damage to the boat, its furniture, its equipment or any property of the boat, for any fine or violation imposed on the company because of an act, an omission or the violation of a law, whether it is a voluntary act or not on the part of the passenger.

7. Children / Minors:

For safety reasons, some companies do not accept young children on board. To this end, the Customer must obtain information when placing the Order, and at the latest before the date of boarding. Some airlines consider people under the age of 21 to be minors. They are not authorized to travel alone on board and must be accompanied by parents or adults over the age of 25 whose cabin they must share and who assume all responsibility for them. Passenger age verification may be requested by flight attendants.

8. Tips / Cash boxes:

Tipping shipboard personnel is a maritime tradition.

A variable sum per day and per person (adult and child) will be paid on site, generally in cash, and covers the service on board

9. Types of cabins (on cruises)

The so-called "Standard" cabins (or interior cabins) are cabins with neither a porthole nor a porthole allowing daylight to pass through. Cabins with portholes (or outside cabins called portholes) are cabins that allow daylight to pass through. Individual cabins include a single bed. Provided in limited numbers, they are often subject to a supplement and are less well located than the double cabins. Double cabins are provided either with two beds, or with a low bed and a high berth, or with a double bed (uncommon). Triple and quadruple cabins are often double cabins equipped with extra beds On cruise ships, cabins generally offer less space than in a hotel room. Moreover, for an equivalent classification in terms of stars, the level of space and comfort of the cabins of river cruises in Egypt is generally lower than that of local hotels.


1 – Pick-up of the rental vehicle without driver:

When taking charge of the rental vehicle without driver, the main driver of the vehicle must always be able to present his bank card which must imperatively be the one used when paying for the stay and name of the main traveler who is by default the driver designated, the exchange voucher materializing the reservation made and his driving licence.

We draw your attention to the fact that the rental company may ask you, as a guarantee, to take an imprint of your bank card before taking possession of the vehicle.

In some cases, a financial guarantee may even be requested when taking charge of the reserved vehicle. We advise you to check that the spending limit authorized by your bank will allow you to carry out this transaction.

We advise you, when picking up the vehicle, to make a thorough inspection. Note the smallest traces of shocks on the bodywork, impacts on the windshield, the presence and wear of the spare wheel. The absence of certain accessories (cigarette lighter for example). Check on the fuel gauge if the vehicle has been refueled. Bring these possible anomalies to the sales contract by the employee of the car rental company.

2. Additional costs inherent in car rentals without driver:

Unless otherwise clearly stated, the price of car rental does not include additional insurance, certain optional equipment, additional driver and young driver fees. The additional mileage to the package provided when it is limited.

Even when compulsory insurance is included in the price of the car rental, an excess amount may be applied in the event of theft or damage to the rental vehicle. This amount varies according to the lessors, the country of rental and the type of vehicle rented.

The User is solely responsible for his own decision whether or not to subscribe to optional insurance. MYMAGICTOUR can not be held responsible for the existence of additional costs in the event of damage and/or for the subscription to these optional insurances.

For vehicle rentals made in certain countries and in particular in the United States, certain rental companies may automatically charge a full tank of gas when the vehicle is returned.

In addition, some rental companies charge additional costs for the use of snow tires, roof racks, GPS, etc.

In general, the rented vehicle must be returned to the car rental agency chosen when ordering.

If this were not the case, the lessor would be entitled to charge an abandonment fee.

Child seats are available on request, depending on the availability of the departure agency.

3 – Age required to rent a vehicle without driver:

The age required to drive a rental vehicle without a driver varies according to the country and/or rental company. It is generally established between 21 and 65 years old.

Charges may also be applied in the presence of drivers under the age of 25.

4 – Driving license required to rent a vehicle without driver:

All drivers of a self-drive rental vehicle must be able to present a valid driver's license for the category of vehicle rented.

Unless otherwise specified, the driver's license must have been obtained for at least three years.

In certain circumstances an international driving license may be required to rent a vehicle without driver.

5 – Driving a rental vehicle without driver rented in France outside the national territory:

Some rental companies prohibit taking a rented vehicle out of the national territory.

6 – Cancellation of the rental without a reserved driver:

No cancellation is allowed.


Seasonal rentals without transport

Preamble :

The special conditions of sale as specified below form part of and complete the special conditions of sale in which they are included.

1 – Information prior to the conclusion of the contract:

Prior to the conclusion of the sales contract, you will find on our online site, or on the Disney sites, or in our brochure all the information concerning the prices, the dates of the scheduled rentals. As well as all the constituent elements of the stay such as: location and situation of the accommodation, level of comfort, main characteristics, classification according to our knowledge of the goods offered as well as the customs of the country.

The preliminary offer:

The preliminary descriptive offer will be made exclusively on the basis of the confirmation/invoice which therefore constitutes the only contractual element of your reservation.

Pick-up and departure of the rental:

Unless there is a special prior agreement with the local reception manager, arrivals and departures must take place during normal office opening hours (in general, arrival is at the end of the afternoon and departure in early morning). It is advisable to notify the person in charge of the reception of the approximate days and times of arrival. This notice is essential in the event that the occupation does not take place on the scheduled date. The reception desks are generally open from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. It is up to the holidaymaker to find out precisely about the opening days and hours. In the event that it is not possible for you to arrive during the opening hours of the reception office, neither MYMAGICTOUR nor the local manager can in any way be held responsible, nor bear the reimbursement of any costs of nights at the hotel.

Security deposit and surety:

The stay in rental implies the payment, with the host organization, of a deposit upon arrival, refunded upon departure after inventory or by mail within approximately 4 weeks. The holidaymaker cannot demand that the local manager carry out the inventory outside the hours provided for this purpose. It is up to the holidaymaker to be reimbursed by the local manager for the deposit given on arrival. In the same way, it is up to the local manager to be covered for the amount of rental damage, cleaning costs, tourist taxes, and as the case may be for various consumptions (water, gas, electricity, etc.) without the responsibility of MYMAGICTOUR. is engaged and without our having to intervene. Any dispute on this subject must therefore be settled between the parties concerned.

Description of scheduled rentals:

The description of the studios, apartments, mobile homes, or any other type of accommodation, has been communicated to us by our suppliers. He tries to be as precise as possible. Nevertheless, there may be some variations in the configuration and layout of the apartments on site, compared to the description which will be communicated to you prior to the realization of the sale, the conditions of comfort and capacity remaining of course identical. As a general rule, an equipped apartment includes: the supply of crockery, basic items for preparing simple cooking, blankets, pillows and/or bolsters. Any additional equipment (washing machine, dishes, oven, telephone, etc.) is notified in the brochure and in the description of the apartment. The request for a cot, a television or a car park can only be satisfied within the limits of available stocks. The symbol N "disabled " affixed in front of certain hotels or residences supposes a possibility of special access for the disabled. However, it is imperative to report it when booking in order to make a special request to the service provider. In any case, the description of the different apartments or hotel rooms is only an indication and slight differences may appear depending on the rented premises.

Animation :

Animation refers to additional services, not included in the price of accommodation, which can be enjoyed by holidaymakers. These services (free or paid) are clearly defined in the brochure. They do not constitute, in any case, a mandatory character.

Safety during the stay:

Regarding rentals with swimming pool (private or collective), access to the swimming pool is strictly prohibited for children under 6 years old who are not accompanied by an adult.

Concerning rentals equipped with bunk beds, sleeping in height is not suitable for children under 6 years old (Decree n°95949 of 25/08/1995).

Length of stay :

The minimum rental period is generally 1 night, with arrival and departure generally taking place on Saturdays. Exceptions are however possible outside the high season periods and can be the subject of a special request to your reservation.

2 – Prices:

The prices mentioned are calculated either per person or per accommodation.

Unless otherwise stated in the description of the offer, the prices of the offers do not include the following: booking fees; these costs being specified before the confirmation of the sale

Delivery costs for transport tickets or travel journals (these vary according to the delivery method chosen and are specified on the quote before the order is confirmed);

Visas and the cost of completing the administrative and health formalities necessary for the completion of the trip: cost of identity documents, vaccinations, medical treatment, etc. ;

The security requested by the owner or his representative;

Meals ; Any parking or garage costs; Insurance, the price of which is specified in our brochures or on Disney's websites before the order is confirmed; Tourist taxes; Communication costs; Paid activities; Personal expenses; Any tips; Deterioration or damage noted by the owner or the rental manager.

3- Special rental outside programming:

In the case of a non-scheduled rental, “on request”, a credit card number will be required as a guarantee. Insofar as this reservation will be confirmed in the event of availability, a confirmation of reservation/invoice will therefore be sent to you. This document includes the description of the rental, the confirmation of the reservation requested, as well as the invoice for this service. Your reservation therefore has the value of an order and commits you definitively to us subject only to our confirmation of the availability of the stay ordered by you.

4 – Schedule of fees:

Assignment period, Fees up to 30 days before departure = €25

from 29 to 5 days before departure = 50 €

from 14 to 7 days before departure = 155 €

Change Fee Schedule:

Modification Period, Fees

More than 61 days before the start of the stay = 25€

Between the 60th and the 31st day of the beginning of the stay = 50€

Between the 30th and the 21st day before the start of the stay = 25%

Between the 20th and the 8th day before the start of the stay = 50%

After the 8th day before the date of stay = 100%

Cancellation fee schedule:

Cancellation Period, Fees

More than 61 days before the start of the stay = 50€

Between the 60th and the 31st day of the beginning of the stay = 30%

Between the 30th and the 21st day before the start of the stay = 50%

Between the 20th and the 8th day before the start of the stay = 80%

After the 8th day or in case of no-show = 100%

5- Catering: It depends on the formula chosen as specified in your sales contract.

Half-board includes: Accommodation, breakfasts and dinners in general without drinks.

Full board includes: Accommodation, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, without drinks.

When water is included with meals, it is often filtered or unfiltered water offered in carafes and not bottled mineral water. The purchase of capped bottles during meals is always the responsibility of the customer.

In addition, all consumption that is not expressly included in the contracted meal plan remains the responsibility of the buyer. They will be paid locally before departure from the establishment.

© 2022